Follow the below easy steps to get started with us

1. Enquire on the Starhost website
To get started, click here now and fill in our enquiry form.

2. We will vet your establishment
You will receive a call from one of our property experts to arrange a convenient time to meet with you to assess your property.

3. We will do a full inventory checklist, handing over of keys and signing of contract
Our team will conduct an extensive inventory checklist and discuss the contract details with you. After signing and handing over keys, we will treat your home as if it's our own.

4. We will take professional photos of your property
One of our experienced photographers will come and take photos of your property. After this step, you're almost ready to get started with Starhost. 

5. Go live and start getting bookings
At this point, our team is working on finalising your property listing. Once your listing is up, Starhost can start to manage guest bookings in as early as one week.

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