A successful listing is the culmination of many interlinking processes and we take care of them all.


Renting out your home can be a rewarding, yet time-consuming experience. We want you to reap the rewards without the hassle. That’s why we’re offering a complete service that manages your rental property, giving you complete peace of mind whilst increasing your guest bookings and rental income.


At Starhost you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands.

The following services are provided as part of our fees

Amenities & Services


Price Optimization

Establishing the best price is easy for our team, who combines knowledge of local competitors with specialized technology and general feedback


Guest Enquiries

Promptly attending to all guest enquiries received through our various channels, in order to ensure that guests experience efficient services


Market your Home

Our team of marketing experts consistently market properties on social media as well  as on our various channel managers for the best results


Secure Payments

With a safe and high quality 3D booking system, guests can experience an 
easy-to-use and secure online booking process every time


Professional Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of your entire property before new guests arrive, resulting in higher ratings and happier guests


Property Maintenance

Rest assured that highly skilled professionals are a phone call away, available at any hour to attend to any maintenance issues in a timeous manner


Checking In & Out

Welcoming guests and sharing knowledge of your property and area attractions, as well as saying goodbye and checking that your property is left clean with no damages


Professional Housekeeping


Our committed team is on hand to arrange additional cleaning of your rental if necessary, at an extra cost

to guests


Owner Statements

Our expert team of accountants will produce monthly statements and are on hand for any queries you may have



Your guests are welcome to get in touch with our dedicated concierge manager and can look forward to prompt responses and friendly, professional assistance


Professional Laundry

In the event that guests require an additional laundromat service, laundry pick-ups and drop-offs can be arranged by our team at an extra cost to guests


Full inventory checklist

Our team of experts will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive inventory assessment and advise the owner of items required.


Property Photo Shoot

"Every picture has a story to tell". Professional photographs of your property will set it apart and give it a 'Wow Factor'


Create a Listing

Our team will construct the perfect property listing for your short term rental, which will include stunning photos, detailed copy and relevant information


Guest Vetting

Rigorous screening of each and every guest will ensure proper verification, for
your safety and peace–of–mind