Starhost basic


Our online management services is 12% of Net Rental Revenue. This includes all platform management,marketing, running your calendar and guest communication – Best used if you have a full time person on site.

Starhost deluxe


Our pricing fee is 18% of Net Rental Revenue. This fee covers online management services, setup and management of your property on listing platforms, facilitating in-person check-ins and checkouts, arranging cleaning and laundry between guest stays, stocking the listing with supplies and guest amenities and arranging for and overseeing maintenance and repair work.

The following will be completed on sign up with Starhost


A detailed ingoing inspection, inventory list and house manual to share
with your guests, improving guest experience


Recommendations on improvements to your property based on our experience


An initial deep clean, with staged flowers and fruit prior to photography


An optimized profile across all marketing channels including Airbnb 

Need help getting setup? We offer the following additional services too!  


Stage your listing and arrange for a professional photographer to take high-quality images


A team of furniture designers who can equip your property with the finest furniture In a cost effective manner

How do cleaning fees work?  

As an owner you do not have to pay for cleaning fees since we charge these to your guests. We will determine the cleaning fee to set for your listing and will collect this directly from your guests.

What 'other' costs could I expect?  

In order to ensure your listing is in tiptop shape at all times, we may incur certain expenditure on your behalf. While we are more than happy to facilitate, monitor and pay for these expenses, they remain for your account. Any additional property-related expenses will be invoiced monthly based on pre-determined mandate from you. We will arrange to meet and monitor contractors performing repairs and will purchase items as needed to replace damaged or lost items.

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